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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Canuck Cow Watch : Day 10 

The Canadians are fighting back. The New York Times reported today that Canadian cow farmers are peeved with the US's attempt to blame Mad Cow on them. Bill Brownstein of the Montreal Gazette summed up the situation perfectly: " 'And now it appears that their mad cow came from Canada,' Mr. Brownstein wrote. 'There is no respite. Or respect. We have become their whipping-boy, their 98-pound weakling.' But, he continued, 'We are entirely blameless in the matter of Michael Jackson.' "
I don't know what's funnier - that the Canadians admit that they are a 98 pound weakling, or that Mr. Brownstein actually managed to include Jacko in an article about Mad Cow. O Can-a-da!

Whipping Boys talk Cows

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