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Monday, January 26, 2004

Highlights from New Hampshire 

Standard Deviance went to Portsmouth, New Hampshire this weekend to campaign for John Kerry. Here are some of the highlights:
- Saturday's Weather: Temp 9 degrees Fahrenheit, Windchill -10 degrees Fahrenheit.
-While standing in Portsmouth center holding signs, Kerry, Dean, Clark, and Kucinich volunteers all get along famously. However Edwards and Lieberman volunteers are nowhere to be found in Portsmouth.
-Kucinich headquarters in Portsmouth displays a very large sign that says "Office Space for Lease".
-Kerry and Dean volunteers (including yours truly) may appear briefly in a MTV News Choose or Lose special to air on February 2nd.
-After canvassing for 2 hours (roughly 20 homes) only 4 people answer the door and most refuse to say who they're voting for or whether they're voting at all.
-Kerry Portsmouth headquarters is heated entirely by spaceheaters and thus very very cold.
-Bathroom at said headquarters is unusable as pipes are frozen. Kerry staffers and volunteers walk down the street to the Mobile gas station to use the bathroom.
-Note to self: Never, ever leave New York City again without a car, especially when getting frostbite is a real possibility.

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