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Saturday, January 17, 2004

The Long Arm of the Government Touches Standard Deviance 

Yesterday I posted an unofficial picture of Saddam Hussein at the time of his capture. I learned of these pictures from a CNN.com article. Yesterday afternoon, the pictures on my blog stopped working. It appears that the pictures in my MSN group have all been deleted (they have red Xs in the pictures). Other MSN groups seem to be working fine, however. Many of the sources of the Saddam pictures on the internet seem to have been deleted, including the CNN article I cited yesterday.

You can think what you like, but it seems quite odd to me that my pictures were deleted shortly after I added the Saddam picture, and that now the CNN article that reported them is no where to be found. Has the government actually turned their fiery gaze on to little old Standard Deviance? Hmmm...

I will try and repost the other pictures quickly. But I think I'll be laying off the Saddam pictures for a while.

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