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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Restaurant Review: Joya 

Joya is an industrial-looking Thai place located on Court Street in Cobble Hill. I have been checking it out for many months, but as my boyfriend claims that he doesn't like thai, I have never been. Last Sunday I told him since we've been to almost every other restaurant in the neighborhood numerous times we had to go.

The wait was fairly short, and there was a nice bar to hang out at in the meantime. My boyfriend determined that the reason that he did not like Thai was that he doesn't like coconut milk curry. At Joya, however, there are many non-curry dishes on the menu, so even he enjoyed his dinner. Our food was excellent, and a great value at $7 a plate. The green curry chicken had a bit to a kick to it (as it's supposed too) but was definitely less spicy than at some Thai places I've been to. On the downside it appeared that our waitress was working practically the whole floor, and thus it was tricky to catch her eye for more water.

All in all it was an excellent dinner, and I plan to make Joya part of my eating-out circuit in Cobble hill.

Pros: good price, tasty food, hip vibe
Cons: slightly understaffed, CASH ONLY (which is a serious drawback in Cobble Hill, where every ATM charges you $1.50 in addition to the fee you pay at your bank)

Joya on Citysearch

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