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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Sisterly Bonding Compliments of AIM and the OC 

Scene: an AIM conversation between myself and my 16 year old sister

Ellen : i'm so confused about oliver

Auto response from Princapessa: getting ready for beddy
oc tonight- wtf? soooo goodddd

Ellen: b/c according to you he's lying about who he is

Ellen: but how come anna hasn't made the connection - she supposedly knew the person who really threw the New Years Eve party

Ellen: I mean, obviously he's looney tunes, but still if he's lying about who he is, how is he getting them into all these places?

Princapessa: yeah this is weird

Princapessa: i still think hes lying

Ellen: i think you're probably right and he is lying, but I think it's a hole in the story line that Anna hasn't figured it out

Princapessa: yeah

Princapessa: b/c they wouldn't put that in there

Princapessa: i think he just knows the people who own it and hes like living there

Ellen: maybe she's too busy with seth to noticed

Ellen: and btw Summer is soooo NOT okay with it

Princapessa: but summer isnt going to let that happen

Princapessa: hahah i know

Ellen: exactly

You're not Seth Cohen.

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