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Monday, January 12, 2004

Six Degrees of Michael Jackson 

It's true - members of the rubber mask club all seem to be six degrees of separation away from Michael Jackson. We've already seen that all of Jacko's relatives and David Gest are one degree away, but I wondered - could I connect him to Joan Rivers? Here we go:

Michael Jackson has hired Mark Geragos to defend him against the child molestation prosecution
who has hired Zvonko "Bill" Pavelic to investigate the prosecution's witnesses
who used to be a security guard for Johnny Carson
who had Joan Rivers as a guest host on The Tonight Show for years.

4 degrees separation between Jacko and Joan Rivers.

Send in your entrants for the Rubber Mask Club and Standard Deviance will attempt to connect the member with MJ within six degrees.

Mail your Entrants now!

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