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Friday, January 23, 2004

The Week in Blog 

** The Dean Scream. Bloggers react:
- Commentary: Dave Winer tells that the scream is part of the greater motivational strategy of Dean for America [via BuzzMachine]
BuzzMachine has oodles and oodles on the subject so check it out here
- Audio: Speech remixes galore[DeanGoesnuts.com via Wonkette]
- Pictures: Dean as a Wrestler [Swamp City] and Dean as DeanWolf [Yours Truly, Standard Deviance].
** Other Primary Humor: There were all kinds of John Kerry separated at birth pictures this week. Gothamist shows Kerry as Herman Munster, Whatevs shows him as a Severed Head, and Wonkette shows him as the Old Man in the Mountain.
** Blogging in the News: The New York Times did a piece about Google Bombing, which, according to Night In the Big City, described the process in such detail that even "a deranged monkey could figure out how it is done". Let me look into the future. I see children on Live Journal Google bombing the phrase "best site ever" onto a blog entitled "Ashliegh's Kewl Planet".
** Anil Dash has several quality links this week, including Dubya diverting questions by talking ribs, crazy dog owners meeting other crazy dog owners on Dogster, and losers who can't make friends on Friendster of Dogster, turning to Google's Orkut(ster).
** If you need motivation to keep that New Years Resolution to lose weight check out this weight loss diary, via Kottke.org. His results are amazing.
** Gizmodo features an I-pod knock-off. My first instinct is to check out the price, but the damn website's in Japanese! Can someone translate the price for me? And then figure out the Dollar-Yen exchange rate?
** Swamp City has lovely pictures of Silvio Berlusconi before-and-after his "vacation". It has been rumored that Mr. Berlusconi had plastic surgery and thus had to remain cloistered until healed. Score 1 for the European Rumor Mill.
** VH1 has created yet another pop-culture series, entitled Best Week Ever, which Uncle Grambo at Whatevs describes as “the bangin' slut who stole your virginity in the back of a limo". The show even has a blog. Normally, I would say tsk tsk for a corporation foisting a blog upon the reading public, but this blog is actually funny, so everyone go ahead and click Blogroll It!
** And finally, the Gawker family gave birth to a bouncing baby girl today named Wonkette. Standard Deviance is very excited about this addition to the blogging world. Finally a Gawker for all of us who don’t know shit about Conde Nast. And plus, she claims to have a poor grasp of grammar and spelling, so hopefully her readers will be less likely to notice my many many errors.

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