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Sunday, January 18, 2004

The Week In Blog 

** Blogging's in the news. The New York Times does a piece on teeny-bopper bloggers. Even Matt Lauer gets in on the act in a Today Show parenting piece. Matt keeps asking questions like "What do kids write on these blogs?" as if to say "What do kids write on these Satanic Corrupting Webportals to Hell?"
** Bloggers Respond: Gothamist tells of a time when kids published their ideas in paper newsletters distributed by hand. Wasn't that around the time that the Ford Model T was invented? And Enraged Baboon Headquarters (it's not a blog, I swear, please don't hurt me, you scary baboon!) has a few choice words to say on the topic, like f*cker, p*ssy, and loser.
** Belle De Jour, everyone's favorite London prostitute blog declares "Anal sex is the new black" to which Gawker replies "And Blowjobs Are the Navy Blue of the Indies". Following the recent low temperatures in New York, nightinthebigcity designates cold as the new black. Well, Standard Deviance firmly believes second base is the new eggshell, while 76 degrees is certainly the new taupe. If that makes any sense.
** The Morning News claims New Years dieting will be different this year. I, personally, am determined to lose the 10 pounds I gained over Christmas. And the 10 pounds I gained over the summer. And the 10 pounds I gained last Christmas. Seriously.
** Olivia Goldsmith, author of the First Wives Club, dies due to complications from a facelift, reports Gawker via This is London. This is particularly tragic given Standard Deviance's recent mocking of those who over-indulge in cosmetic surgery.
** Gawker's hiring. Maybe you blog-a-holics can get paid for this. No, not you 13 year-olds blogging about your crush Timmy Johnson. You, over there, the angsty blogger sitting in the closet you call your East Village apartment claiming to be a "freelance writer". We all know Daddy's sending you a check every month, so pony up and apply for this job so you can pay for your own Pabst Blue Ribbon.
** If you are a yogurt fan, there's even more employment out there for young bloggers. Stoneyfield Farm via Anil Dash.
** Spalding Gray's disappearance deeply disturbs the folks at Gawker and Gothamist. However, it leaves Standard Deviance asking, who the hell is Spalding Gray?
** Swamp City suggests Paris Hilton run for the Democratic Nomination to inject some smoking good looks into the campaign.
** In related news, Paris's candidacy is unnecessary because it turns out Dean's a hottie. Who knew? Wage Slave Journal
** Plasticbag.org creates a work of quite funny spam art. What next, pop-up ad art?
** This week's sign that the apocalypse is upon us: New Yorkish gives a very detailed report on the evils of Walmart, which includes the horrifying information that the national chain is planning to open a store in Brooklyn.

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