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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Bob Dole is Funny. Who Knew? 

Bob Dole was yucking it up on Larry King last night while covering the Wisconsin polls.
In regards to John Edwards close second finish, here's what Bob Dole said:
KING: Do you have a question, Bob Dole, for our friend, Senator Edwards?
DOLE: Yes. Is Senator Kerry on your short list for a running- mate?


EDWARDS: Bob, I'm finally glad somebody asked me that question. I would certainly give him very serious consideration.

DOLE: That sounds good to me. Thanks.
Methinks Edwards laughed a little too hard at that joke.

And this regarding Kerry's projected first place finish:
KING: Bob, we'll be seeing you on March 2, of course. Any quick thoughts on the projection of Kerry?

DOLE: Well, again, it's a win is a win, as I said earlier, but you've got to give John Edwards credit. The few times he made a visit there, and the fact that the race is so close, and I know CNN never makes a mistake, but it still might turn out the other way. But I look forward to seeing you and have a good debate.
Dole, of course, is referring to the 2000 election when CNN called Florida for Gore and then had to retract it and reclassify Florida as too close to call.

Man, that's probably the most I've ever laughed watching Larry King, given he tends to put me asleep. Maybe Conan can replace Triumph the Insult Comic Dog with Bob Dole the Witty Comic Senator. Maybe the Canadians would prefer if Conan's comic troupe had foreign relations experience.

Larry King Transcript

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