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Thursday, February 12, 2004

British-Irish coverage of Kerry Scandal 

As of now, no major US news source has published anything on the Kerry Intern issue online, but the UK and Ireland are all over it. Check out the headlines:

Mystery of Kerry and the Intern [The Scotsman]
Intern allegations threaten Kerry campaign [Irish Examiner]
Intern allegations threaten Kerry campaign [Ireland Online]

Is the US news media asleep on the job? Does the news media on the other side of the pond think he's Irish, as many in Boston did for years, and that's why they're covering it? Is it that the US media realizes that Drudge saying that he heard someone say something vague off the record is not a very good source with which to base a huge story like this? Do the Scots and Irish hate Kerry for some reason?

Any ideas? Maybe the intern fled to the British Isles. Hmmm.

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