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Friday, February 27, 2004

Holy Annonymoe Bloggers! 

Hey worldwideblogospherenet©, remember the drama of about a month ago about anonymous blogging and the Outting of Scott Lapatine over at Gothamist? It appears that Monsieur Lapatine has outted himself. Standard Deviance was browsing Bloglines this morning as usual, and lo and behold stereogum's name has changed to scott lapatine's stereogum. Go check it out for yourself. It's listed on the top of the browser window when you open the site.

Well, what have we learned from this exercise?
  1. Anonymous bloggers should not take interviews with the NEW YORK POST if they want to remain anonymous.
  2. Bloggers out there should refrain from lecturing other bloggers on the correct code of conduct.
  3. Everyone in the uniblogiverse® should just chill out already and remember that this is all supposed to be fun.

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