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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Howard Dean to Voters: Edwards, er, Dean in '04! 

Loyal readers may remember that on Monday Dean encouraged voters to ignore all rationality and vote for him as "the strongest candidate to beat George W. Bush". Since then, Dean has announced that the strongest candidate is actually John Edwards, to which Edwards replied "I agree with that. I think that he is a very wise man."

Uh, hate to quibble with Johnny E. given that he's so dreamy looking and all, but how wise can he be if he's telling people someone else is the strongest candidate? Is he trying the third grade I'll-vote-for-you-if-you-vote-for-me thing? Standard Deviance tried that and lost our Student Council seat to a dirty back-stabber named Janelle. Trust me Dean, it never works.

Washington Times [via Wonkette]

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