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Monday, February 02, 2004

It's Janet, Miss Jackson If You're Nasty 

So Janet lost a bit of her clothing last night. It didn't concern me too much since I was way too busy being part of a Rhythm Nation (and I don't want to hear any smack about the song, I love it). However, it seems everyone else is in a tizzy, so I felt Standard Deviance should address the issue. After pouring over all the halftime show coverage I have come to a conclusion:

The "wardrobe malfunction" was certainly intentional.

1) Most people do not wear nipple coverings just in case their clothes fall off
2) Check out the looks on their faces above. They don't look surprised.
3) Most importantly, IT WAS NOT A PASTIE! This was a nipple medallion. If you don't believe me, check out the photo (not work safe) here [Drudge]. As a female, I can assure you no woman in her right mind would wear a ring around her nipple for kicks. That hurts. Miss Jackson would have only done this in anticipation of someone seeing said nipple.

I rest my case.


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