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Friday, February 06, 2004

Janet Continues to Piss People Off 

If you have turned on the TV or opened a newspaper this week, you've most certainly realized that everyone and their brother is super-pissed at Janet Jackson for the Super Bowl Halftime stunt.

Here's the Rollcall:
-Justin Timberlake
-Parents in Laguna Beach (where a MTV Reality Series was to be filmed in their highschool. Following the incident they have rescinded their permission for filming)
-Terri Carlin of Knoxville, TN
(who filed a class action lawsuit for being "injured by their actions during the halftime show")

But the people with the biggest beef are certainly the proprietors of DeMask the New York fetish boutique where Janet bought the leather bustier. DeMask feels its reputation of making quality leather and rubber tie-me-up-and-spank-me gear has been tarnished by the event. Sam Hill, the manager of DeMask told Ananova that there is no way the bustier would have ripped like that. "They took off the studs that kept the cup in place and replaced them with snaps so the top could just come off," she said.

So, let me get this straight. Janet Jackson (along with the help of Mr. Timberlake and an over-zealous news media) has single handedly caused the cancellation of the Pro-Bowl's halftime show and thus the elimination of an excellent gig for Mr. Chasez, the installation of time delay of the Grammys, the cancellation of a MTV reality series, the filing of a class action lawsuit, and the defamation of the product of a hard-working fetish boutique. That makes all the fuss about the Michael Jackson interviews seem trivial.

Rollcall of Jackson Complaintants [WP]
DeMask is DeFamed [Ananova]

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