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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Tatu to World: Teenage Lesbian Strippers have Minds Too. 

The girls from Tatu are looking to trade in their manager for someone who takes their music career more seriously, reports Ananova. "He spends his time thinking up scandals instead of planning our artistic work. I'm sure our fans would rather hear new songs and new albums than new scandals, " said Julia Volkova.

Actually, Tatu, the world wants more new scandals. The MTV Movie Awards performance made parents everywhere gasp in horror and that's the sort of thing I like to see from pop culture. I want more throngs of schoolgirls stripping and making out. Actually, I would prefer throngs of schoolboys, sweaty from just having gym class, storming the stage and gyrating madly..... oh, did I say that out loud? Excuse me.

However, if they do break from their manager they will have to change their name as he owns the rights. I think they should either go with "utaT" or "Deep-Thinking Lesbian Children".

All the Things She Said [Ananova]

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