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Friday, February 27, 2004

They Laugh Alike, They Walk Alike, At Times They Even Talk Alike 

Excerpts from last nights Democratic Debate moderated by Larry King.

On Gay Marriage
KERRY: I think, in fact, that no state has to recognize something that is against their public policy. And for 200 years, we have left marriage up to the states.

EDWARDS: I believe that this is an issue that ought to be decided in the states. I think the federal government should honor whatever decision is made by the states.

On Special Interests
KERRY: I am the only United States senator who's been elected four times currently serving who has never accepted political action committee money in any of my races for the United States Senate. No checks from those interests.

EDWARDS: Senator Kerry made this point about himself. I've never taken money from a special interest PAC, myself.

On Running Together
KING: Would you run with John Kerry?

EDWARDS: I think an Edwards-Kerry ticket would be powerful.
And that's the ticket that I think we should have.

EDWARDS: He certainly should be considered. He's a very, very good friend

KERRY: I want to thank him for the consideration. I appreciate it.

On The Love They Feel For Each Other:
KERRY: I think he's a great communicator. He's a charming guy. I like him very much. He's a good friend of mine.

EDWARDS: I mean, he's a good man. He's a good candidate. He'd make a good president. And I'd be the first to say that.

Complete Transcript: Democrats Participate in Calif. Debate [WP]

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