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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Week In Blog 

  • This week marked the onset of the Great Blog Controversy of 2004. This controversy was tipped off by a post on Gothamist regarding anonymous bloggers which prompted a blog-back of enormous proportions, the sentiments of which are best represented on tablet PC [Gothamist]. Following the brou-ha-ha, Whatevs announced "being anonymous is the new being well hung" and Euro Beyonce Trash Jr III dedicated herself to the outting of all anonymobloggers out there. Additionally the GBC 2004 created an entire lexicon to describe anonymous blogging including anonymoes [Eebmore], anonybloggers [Salon], and my personal favorite anonybloggeranamouses [Wonkette].
  • Following the GBC 2004, the blog reaction to Janet Jacksons "wardrobe malfunction" seems almost calm. However, there was a lag time between 8-ish Sunday night and the time on Monday morning that "The Outting of Scott Lapatine" was published, so there were a few entries on Tittygate. Gawker pointed out that when your brother's in the news for child molestation, it may not be such a bright idea to keep the family name in the news, Gothamist reminded us of a simpler time when Janet's biggest controversy was whether she popped Willis' cherry, and D-Nasty composed a lovely haiku to Janet's breast.
  • I think there's some sort of election thing going on, or something? I heard something about drinks based on candidates [Swamp City], but I was far more interested on the pastry homage to Janet's ample boosm [The Amateur Gourmet].
  • Sorry, but other than the GBC 2004 and Janet's Boobage, there was really nothing else going on this week. Sure there was the launch of the Gothamist interview and then Eurotrash's ensuing spoof, but really I wasn't interested, so let me end with the following, compliments of Low Culture:

    Walk on, King Rum-ankhamun, walk on.

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