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Sunday, February 01, 2004

The Week In Blog 

** In the blogosphere's ever-present need to determine the new new, Eurotrash has designated sex-industry blogging as the new black and ever-so-nimbly jumped on the bandwagon by creating "Eurotrash de Jour". We especially liked the bit on the PhD in Nuclear Physics.
** Someone in the media is trying to out The Major Fall The Minor Lift. Standard Deviance has commented before on our fear of our true identity being revealed, seeing as our employer would probably not appreciate the number of our posts created during work hours. Thus we are appalled that anyone could be so callous as to unveil TMFTML. So on behalf of all the anonymous bloggers out there, we salute you, Joe Klein, and we would like to tell the media to back-the-F-off (unless of course they would like to pay Standard Deviance for our blogging prowess, in which case our social security number is 855-732-1437).
** The Blueprint also made major news in breaking the story that Bill Murray’s Golden Globe speech was all true. The story was not only picked up by quasi-media Gawker, but even by some almost-real media, E! [Whatevs].
** Joe Trippi's resigned from the Dean Campaign. Bloggers React: Buzzmachine believes Trippi's downfall was due to the campaign becoming the celebrity and not the candidate. Most of the comments on Blog for America regarding the resignation were sad but grateful, though there were a few that were a tad snarky. Another question: Why would Dean take a Gore person to run his campaign? That worked so well last time. [Wonkette]
** In related news, Joe Trippi’s a crybaby: He cried during his CNN interview, and we heard him choke up ourselves on the Deborah Norville show. He cried a total of 19 times in one GQ interview [Wonkette]. Come on Trippi, suck it up already.
** According to bloggers, Dean's done: 601AM provides very handy instructions for removing your Dean bumper sticker from your car, and Gothamist wonders whether the Dean campaign has gone the way of the dot com bubble.
** John Kerry and Botox: True or false? The Drudge Report has several photos that show a much tighter Kerry in recent weeks. Swamp City suggests that Kerry could go the Berlusconi route and blame it on his botox-loving wife. The real question : Why did he go so long as the Grim Reaper?
** John Robb has a roundup of all the different types of hot blogs [via Buzzmachine]. Of course Standard Deviance would love to be thought of as a cool hunter, but given that our total readership numbers 3, it seems we fall somewhere in the toiling in silence category.
** With the proliferation of social networking sites, Jason Kottke has taken the mess into his own hands and has decided to hire a personal social coordinator to keep up with his accounts on Friendster, Orkut, Tribe etc.
** It snowed in New York this week. A lot. New Yorkish let us know that not everyone likes the snow, the bastards at Columbia actually announced a snow day and then retracted it [Night in the Big City], and Standard Deviance mocked the media’s snow hysteria.
** And finally, Blogger released an Atom feed for the free Blogger users (including yours truly), so now you can read Standard Deviance in the comfort of your own news aggregator.

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