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Sunday, February 15, 2004

What have I Done for You Lately? 

Recent goings-on at SD headquarters:

Moby gives ridiculous advice on how the Democrats can win.
Dean the schizo says he will stay in the race after Wisconsin after all.
Put a Valentine's Day ad in the Post or on Standard Deviance.
Watch out for pressure cookers, they might cook food or something.
Martha Stewart's To Do list.
Tatu wants to stop creating scandals and start making deep music. What a shame.
Prince Harry was seen with some girl somewhere. The Shame!
More Dean insanity - He thinks Edwards is the most electable.
Kerry-Intern non-scandal is covered excessively here, here, here, and here.
Standard Deviance had an extreme makeover. Do you like our new tables and our collagen lips?
Prince supports abstinence.
CBS executives must be very tired of defending themselves.
God hates us Red Sox fans. A-Rod goes to the Yankees.

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