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Monday, February 23, 2004

Zellweging: Makes Zeta-Jonesing Look Attractive 

Oh, Renee. Perhaps because you were speaking to the Austrian magazine News you thought your comments would never be seen stateside. Well, here they are via Ananova. Zellweger is nominated for an Oscar in the Best Supporting Actress Category for her work in Cold Mountain. She stated that she is the best candidate in the category: "I've certainly earned the award. Last year I was nominated for Chicago but I left empty-handed." She went on to say "I think this year Hollywood will be fair."

So we have a new word:
Zellweg (v): to make obnoxiously over-confident assertions of one's own successes.
Example Sentence:
John zellweged to all his friends that he could easily bang his administrative assistant, only to discover later that she often made fun of his hairpiece and referred to him as Lumbergh.
Synonyms: brag, boast
Related Words: Zeta-Jones

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