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Monday, March 15, 2004

Get Your Drink On 

Best Week Ever, pop-culture blog turned TV show, covered the recent growth of energy drinks sold by hip-hop stars . Ice-T was on hand to voice his opinion on the Law & Order vs. CSI Debate ("Who's the black guy on CSI?" silence "That's what I thought.") and to promote his own energy drink, Liquid Ice. In his commentary on Liquid Ice, Ice-T coined possibly the greatest marketing line ever created:
It will make you bone your wife like you just got back from twenty in the pen.
As of now, Liquid Ice's slogan is "If you're gonna play the game you're going to need the energy." Ice-T, take my advice: Use the "twenty in the pen" slogan. Sure, mothers across the country will say you are tainting their children by glorifying jail and sex in the same sentence, but remember Cop Killer? Riling up the conservatives is what you do best. Change the slogan!

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