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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

How Does She Do It? 

Truly amazing. Eurotrash managed to write a hilarious and disdaining wrap up of The O.C. even an O.C. lovah like myself could appreciate. But what's more impressive, she posted it at 10:19 pm. Okay everyone, let's do the math: The O.C. airs from 9pm to 10pm. I know ET lives in Hoboken, so no time-difference cheating here. Sure, she had commercial breaks, but she even chronicled those, giving minimal opportunities during the show to compose the post. Assuming very little chance of time-travel or magic, Ms. Trash managed to completely finish a detailed and witty wrap up of The O.C. in 19 minutes.

During the 19 minutes following The O.C. I made myself a snack (Skippy Superchunk and a banana) and I opened up a Sam Adams Light. I thought about cleaning or doing the dishes, but then I heard Law & Order call my name. Who cares if I didn't write a fabulous post - that peanut butter & banana was good.

I just looked at my clock. It has taken me 24 minutes to write this little pathetic excuse for a post. Goddammit! Must take speed writing course. Right after I have another peanut butter & banana.

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