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Friday, March 05, 2004

New York Notes: No Blog-able News Out There Edition 

Since there seems to be NOTHING funny out there in the universe today, here are interesting tidbits I've seen in New York blogs lately.

Item One: Free Happy Hour Buffet!!
After having 4 margaritas at a happy hour with your coworkers, you may start to feel a bit famished(and nauseous). No need to fret if you are partaking in a happy hour with a free buffet. According to Amy's New York Notebook, SouthwestNY at the World Financial Center offers a free happy-hour buffet on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Given that this is very close to SD's place of employment and that margaritas are the official drink of this blog, if you drop by SouthwestNY someday next week you may find your favorite bloggette passed out in her guacamole.

Item Two:Old Subway Cars
The MTA is celebrating it's 100 anniversary, and Gothamist has all the juicy details, the most important of which is that vintage subway cars will be traveling from Jay Street-Borough Hall to Columbus Circle. Not only are wicker seats cool, but Jay Street is super close to SD headquarters. Who knew riding the smelly subway could be so fun.

Item Three: People Like to Apartment Hunt?
According to Ash over at NITBC, people ask him to show the empty room in his apartment with no intention of renting. I remember when I had to find my apartment, and it wasn't exactly a pleasant process. I doubt I would look for an apartment unless I absolutely had to. Maybe I should go looking at apartments I'm not going to rent just for fun. Do you think Citi-Habitats will believe that I could rent a penthouse?

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