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Monday, March 22, 2004

Pregnant Women to Serve as Wine Tasters 

Tesco, the british chain supermarket, has decided to use pregnant women as their wine tasters. The supermarket realized that pregnant women have heightened senses of smell and taste, qualities that make for excellent wine tasters. Although drinking wine while pregnant can endanger unborn children, as long as pregnant women do not swallow the wine, their fetuses are in little risk.

In related news, pregnant women are also being used as bloodhounds, as their sense of smell is very keen. While police departments across the country conceded that having pregnant women crawl about smelling for a trail may not be the safest course for their children, as long as the women arch their backs enough that their stomachs do not drag on the ground, the babies should be just fine.

Tesco to employ pregnant wine tasters [Ananova]

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