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Monday, March 15, 2004

That Just Frosts My Cookies 

Parents of Girl Scouts across the country are now turning to eBay to sell the famous Girl Scout cookies in an effort to boost their child's sales. Standard Deviance remembers quite well how many children managed to have higher cookie sales by having their parents bring the order forms into work. However, Standard Deviance's parents were self-employed, so little SD brownie went door to door selling the cookies while wearing the entire brownie uniform (including the orange tassels on the socks).

After all that hard work, Standard Deviance would proudly bring her order form into her troop meeting only to find that Carrie's dad had brought her order form to work with him at the power plant and she sold the most boxes in the troop, thus winning a mini cassette player. And now Carrie's parents can sell her cookies on eBay too? What ever happened to knee-high socks and door-to-door selling? Whatever happened to the obese lady down the street yelling at you for taunting her with your cookies? What is the world coming to?

Crave Thin Mints? Girl Scout Cookies Available on eBay [NYT]

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