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Monday, March 22, 2004

Trojan Horse 

No this is not about Troy, this post is about The O.C. There is an article in the New York Times that is a 3 page tribute to my new favorite show. The article explains why I love the show, and why so many people I know refuse to watch it:

So Mr. Schwartz and Ms. Savage cleverly constructed a pilot - the tale of Ryan Atwood, a gentle young hoodlum who finds himself living among the beautiful people of the titular Orange Country - that pushed every glamour-teen button they could think of. "That's why it's got a bonfire on the beach, and `Karate Kid' without the karate, and a fashion show and a big bash with cocaine," he said. At the same time, however, "we felt we had this story that was organic to that world of beaches and sunshine and wealthy people. And really what we hoped we had were these characters that were a little bit funnier and more soulful and different and specific than the kinds you usually see in that genre. They would be the soldiers inside our Trojan horse."

So many people I know won't watch The O.C. for this very reason. As much as you tell them that the characters are smart and witty, they won't believe it because they think it's just a dumb girly soap opera. They're fooled by the Trojan Horse. Maybe they'll listen to the NEW YORK TIMES!

The article profiles the writer of the show, Josh Shwartz, who is the real-life Seth Cohen. Excuse me, Mr. Shwartz, can I marry you? Or at least hang out with you? Or maybe get a signed script or something? I love Seth Cohen. No, make that I love Josh Shwartz.

Addendum: Holy Crap! There's an O.C. Blog!! It's called The Pool House. Must read daily.

'The O.C.' Rewrites the Rules of TV Writing [NYT via FiftyFiveHundred]

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