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Sunday, March 07, 2004

What Have I Done for You Lately 

** Michael Jackson has taken to wearing serial-killer gear to conceal his identity.
** Two fabulous episodes of The Blog and the Beautiful.
** Crappiest Oscar Recap evah.
** Kidnapping World Leaders: The New Black
** Edwards really really really wants to be VP. Really.
** Supersizes are no more. Could this signal the end of gastric bypass?
** Man sues casinos to make them admit that not only can you not win, but if you do you will be thrown out. Amazing. What next, will McDonalds admit their food makes people obese and thus reduce their Supersizes?
** There's nothing more fun than watching someone infringe on Metallica's copyrights.
** A roundup of the female bloggers in New York and Standard Deviance is not included? For shame

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