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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Where's My Close Up? 

There was a much blogged about article in the Daily News today about the top female bloggers in New York. Standard Deviance is quite confused as to how our resident female blog super-star and founding editor, Ellen, has been overlooked as part of this coverage. Granted, the blog's only been up since December and only has three loyal readers, one of whom is Ellen's mother, but surely the reverberations of the posts written here are felt throughout the entire blogosphere. Thus Standard Deviance is happy to present our supplement to the Daily News Article, I am Woman, Hear Me Blog.

Ellen "Standard Deviance", Unsung Hero
Started Blogging: In the womb really, but in internet form December 2003.
Day Job: International Woman of Mystery, Friendly's Waitress, and Markets Analyst (and she cooks too!)

A bona fide Gen A Friendster, Ellen describes Standard Deviance as "An old schoolmate who is often drunk, speaks unintelligibly, and occasionally falls asleep on the keyboard." Ellen, 13, who is originally a Masshole, argues that she is debating world peace, along with Green Peace and Donald Trump's hair piece. Ellen has recently been approached by several publishers to turn Standard Deviance into a book, however she politely declined, wanting to truly dedicate herself to her career at Friendly's. Through her blog, Ellen has been able to find a man, a job, a beautiful apartment overlooking Central Park, and inner peace. She proudly adds "I am one of the few French-Canadian bloggers out there," noting that she is part French-Canadian, with her father's mother's mother hailing from that great Canadian province of Quebec. Truly, Ellen of "Standard Deviance" is the future of femi-blogging in our fair city.

Other NYC female bloggers to read (although after reading SD, I don't know why you'd want to):
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Meg at Megnut
Blaise at Bazima
Amy at Amy's New York Notebook
Megan at Jane Galt
Maud Newton
Lindsay at Lindsayism
Elizabeth at The Kicker

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