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Friday, April 02, 2004

April Fools Round Up 

-Democrats say Republicans agree to Presidential debates. Turns out that's a joke. HOW FUNNY!
-The Republicans said that Kerry's French cousin had called Bush up to give him his support. You know politicians are not funny if the Republicans are the ones with the better jokes.
-Kerry came out with a zinger of a quote attributed to Bush:"Why should every kid born in America be stuck with $35,000 in debt, when we can just outsource it and stick it to every kid on the planet?" Okay, I give up. Bob Dole is the only funny politician out there.

-Eurotrash came up with a hilarious spoof Gothamist interview of Amanda Hesser. I am starting to feel bad for this poor girl, but not bad enough to stop laughing.
-Low Culture spoofs Live Journal blogs, but it sounded a tiny little bit like NITBC. To be mocked is to be loved.
-MUG announces the newest addition to the Denton Media Empire (besides Kinja, of course): Gawker, Senior Edition. One of the best features of this new blog is Dead or Alive which investigates which aging socialites are dead and which are alive. The fact that I recognized no names in this spoof shows that I fall perfectly in Gawker Jrs. target audience.

British Media
-The Daily Mail had a doctored photo of the Queen heading into an Off Track Betting agency to bet on the horse races.
-The Guardian had a full page advertisement for BMW that claimed drivers could cook dinner while they drive using new "SHEF technology".
-The Sun reported that police will begin using hawks with camera's attached to their heads to catch speeding drivers.
-The Times had an article about how chicken powered nuclear bombs were considered during the Cold War. It turns out this story is true. Do you think they use the chicken for fuel or does the chicken run on a treadmill to create energy? Hmmm

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