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Friday, April 30, 2004

Concerts for Kerry Attempt to Revamp their Image 

Standard Deviance received another email today from Concerts for Kerry regarding their fundraiser today. Let me remind you of the first email that C4K sent out to the New York Bloggers:
You --> you're a blogger.
Us --> we're Concerts for Kerry; we create fantastic music shows that are fundraisers for John Kerry.

We want you to blog us! We have an upcoming show in Brooklyn this Friday, April 30 (details below...)

Atrios blogged us... So did Gawker... Now we want you. Please help today!

thanks in advance,
the Concerts for Kerry Team
Here is the text of the second email:
hey there,

We are having a fundraising concert for John Kerry tomorrow (details below). If you think it might be of interest to your readers, you might suggest that they check out our website. We invite you to come to the
concert -- it should be a good time.

thanks for your time,


ps -if you don't want email from us again, just reply to this email subject line: "remove"
While I certain appreciate their attempt at making amends, they really should have acknowledged the first email. Spam that bad can't be forgotten. Anyhoo, the concert is tonight and I still do encourage you all to go. Details for the concert are here. And if you're looking for somewhere nearby to get some drinks or eats, let me recommend Superfine. I checked it out during Brooklyn restaurant week and it's a pretty cool hangout with cheap drinks during happy hour ($2 Yuengling I think). Marty Markowitz would be so proud of me for all this Brooklyn love.

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