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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

A Cry Out from the Darkness 

The lack of posts (especially good ones) I'm afraid will most definitely continue through tomorrow. All non-work hours are being spent with that evasive species known as "Real Estate Brokers" and all work hours (and some non-work hours) are being spent with Excel. However I've still managed to find some time to check up on the interblogospherenet, and thus I have some links for your enjoyment.
  • The Blueprint has a very witty roundup of the panelists for the New York Bloggers event happening this Monday. Standard Deviance will be in attendance, and thus all my many many fans will finally be able to meet me in person. However I may be distracted by the inevitable blog drama confrontation of that two-timing Jake Dobkin being in the same room with both Nick Denton and Jason Calacanis. I see broken laptops and crushed Pumas in the future.
  • In even more blogga hotness, my Uncle Grahmbo has a fabulous rundown of the blog incest that occurred last weekend in our fair city. Some say best blogalicious post evs. Obvs.
  • The overly-eager kids at Concerts for Kerry spammed all the New York Bloggers, including yours truly. While Standard Deviance was excited to be included in blogger email spam, Gothamist and Tien Mao were wicked pissed. The email definitely could have been written with more finesse and the name dropping was particularly annoying. However, I am a long time Kerry Supporter so I do encourage all your New Yorkers out there to attend the concert this Friday and help this poor man get some money. He needs it. Details here.
  • Elton John's an idiot.
  • Given that Thom Yorke's ability to perform at this weekend's Coachella festival in Sunny California is questionable, I am SO happy I did not shell out that money for a trans-continental flight and festival ticket just to see my favorite band that I have never seen in concert (snif snif).
  • So let me get this straight: Worst month for deaths in the Iraq war, scandalous first book comes out that indicates the administration disregarded the threat of terrorism pre-9/11, second book comes out that paints dissention and disagreement in the Bush Administration in the lead up to war, and how does the country respond? Bush's approval ratings climb? What?!?

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