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Friday, April 02, 2004

Frances Bean Stigmatized 

Courtney Love's daughter, Frances Bean, has been denied admission to an exclusive girls school. Ms. Love belives the rejection is because of her bad behavior and that her daughter has been "stigmatized". Says Love: "This is the first time she's been stigmatized because of me. And I just snapped. I'm ready to pop them."

Standard Deviance hates to poke her nose in, but given Courtney's trackrecord, it is highly unlikely that this is the first time that the child has been stigmatized, just perhaps the first time that the child has been discriminated against because of the stigma. Lets look at the list

-The early concerts where Courtney would flash panties (and other things) at her fans.
-The 1998 lawsuit by a columnist, claiming Courtney assaulted her at a fashion show in LA.
-The February 2003 arrest at Heathrow for being unruly and non-compliant.
-The October 2003 arrest for ODing on Oxycontin
-The October 2003 custody dispute over Frances Bean with Kurt Cobain's mother.
-The November 2003 rehab trip.
-The March 2004 court trip where she fired and rehired her attorney.
-The March 2004 boob flashing on "The Late Show with David Letterman"
-The March 2004 explicit photo of her and a random Wendy's customer.
-The March 2004 arrest for hitting an audience member with a microphone stand during her gig at Plaid.

Let's get real. The kid is scarred for life. Stick a giant scarlet letter on her.

Hole Timeline [Rock on the Net]

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