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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

A Message From The Staff 

Hello to our faithful Readers. We have to apologize again for the dearth of posts. Standard Deviance had an unfortunate altercation with her landlady this morning and thus is now looking for a new apartment. Therefore all non-essential blog-reading and news-following has been replaced with realtor-searching and craigslist-browsing. Give SD a few weeks and she will be able to give you an accurate first-hand report of the housing situation in Brooklyn (and, gasp, perhaps Queens). Lets just pray she doesn't end up in Hoboken - we're not sure if there's internet out there yet. If any of you know of a lovely 1 bedroom apartment with a garden or a roof terrace for about $1000, drop us a line. Similarly, please IM us if you have managed to find a cure cancer or life on Mars.

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