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Thursday, April 08, 2004

A Message from the Staff 

Hello Readers. I feel a need to explain the dearth of posts today. Standard Deviance had a very unfortunate accident this morning when she arrived at her workplace: Her contact lens tore in half. Thus poor SD has been sitting at her desk all day attempting to work with a splitting headache and a watering eye, both byproducts of an eye straining to see. People have been stopping by her desk all day asking if she's okay since she is covering her bad eye with her hand in an attempt to stop the straining/watering. Her coworkers have started to call her "One-Eyed Ellen". It's not pretty. She's in desperate need of a new contact lens a cool gel eyepack. So, terribly sorry for the state of the blog, but once SD's eyesight returns to normal, there will posts up the ying-yang.

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