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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Reality Check for the Blogosphere 

Warning: I'm going to be serious for a minute here.

Kurt Cobain died. Very sad. When I was 13, wearing my flannel and thermal, I found that extremely upsetting. I still do, as I can very well understand how when you're in a chaotic situation it's often difficult to see clearly that everything will be okay in the end. But he killed himself. 10 years ago nearly 1 million people were massacred in Rwanda. If everyone is going to get all misty-eyed over the self-inflicted death of a rocker, I hope they would also remember the murders of innocent men, women, and children in Rwanda.

Learn From Rwanda [Bill Clinton for WP]
Rwanda Still Seeks Justice 10 Years After Genocide [Reuters]
The Rwanda Witness [NYT Magazine]
Amanpour: Looking back at Rwanda genocide [CNN]

Back to our regularly scheduled mocking.

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