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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Reasons I hate Rocco 

Since I first learned of him last summer, I've had an intense dislike for Rocco DiSpirito. While watching The Resteraunt, it became apparent that Rocco is a total dick restaurant boss (and this comes from someone who formely worked at Friendly's). His restaurant is so bad that his partners sued him for mismanagement. Rocco reacted in the ultimately classy way by counter suing, arguing that his partners"failed and refused to pay any wages to Rocco's 79-year-old mother... fired the pasta makers and substituted frozen pasta in the restaurant's dishes..[and] changed the locks on the restaurant and refused to give a Rocco a key" among other things.

I thought it was impossible that I could think any less of Rocco DiSpirito. But I can. Turns out this celebrity chef, who can't even run his own restaurant, is somehow qualified to judge the Miss USA contest. Additionally, he was in some sort of hideous kilt fashion show. So here's my plan: lets band together to petition NBC not to air The Restaurant 2. I hate for my precious TV to be polluted with such filth. Who's with me?

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