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Monday, April 05, 2004

This Makes "The Anna Nicole Show" look Wholesome 

It appears Booby Brown will now have his own reality TV show, entitled "Being Bobby Brown". The show has already begun filming, as Bobby and Whitney Houston have been seen at several eating establishments being trailed by a group of cameramen. Standard Deviance is always eager to help our favorite stars, so we have compiled a list of possible episode titles.

Episode 1: Something in Common - Bobby and Whitney reunite after being released from jail and rehab, respectively.
Episode 2: I'm Every Woman - Whitney, in a drug-induced haze, declares that she has multiple people inhabiting her body.
Episode 3: My Prerogative - Bobby beats the crap out of Whitney but explains to cops that "It's my prerogative to beat my wife. Why don't you just let me live?"
Episode 4: Humpin Around - Bobby goes up to Boston for another court date and gets freaky with some girls at the Bahama Beach Club in Saugus. It's only later he realizes that it was under 18 night and the girl he got busy with in the bubble tank was 14. Hilarity ensues.
Episode 5: Exhale (Shoop Shoop) - Whitney ODs on crack and is put on a ventilator. When she comes to, the doctors tell her to exhale so that they can extract the tube from her throat. Bobby gets freaky with several nurses. More hilarity ensues.

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