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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

We Don't Need No Water 

One of President Clinton's boyhood homes burned down on Sunday, while part of the Rodham family lake house was damaged by fire on Friday.

Could it be a coincidence? Or could there be a former presidential candidate who is miffed that while he was pushed into the race by the Clintons, he did not receive their public support? Or perhaps a Little Rock businessman who is still angry about Bill taking the governorship away from him? Or maybe the lashing out of a certain devastated former vice president whose presidential campaign rejected the support of the Clinton Administration due to the President's philandering history, and it was this very detachment from the charismatic president that ultimately cost him the presidency (plus, the Supreme Court ruled against him)?

Sounds like a "vast right wing conspiracy" to me.

Clinton's boyhood home burns [CNN]

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