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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Best Week Ever 

There's a breakout candidate this week for the person having the "Best Week Ever". I'm sure the people over at the Best Week Ever Blog are considering your typical cast of characters: Mike Myers, for his blockbuster Shrek 2, Michael Moore, for winning the Cannes Film Festival. However, we here at Standard Deviance have had our ears to the street and we know who is truly having the Best Week Ever. Of course, it's CHRISTOPHER X. BRODEUR!!!. Brodeur, a long-suffering critic of Rudolph Giuliani, was once labeled a "perverted little creep" by the former mayor. Christopher's current rise to fame began last Tuesday when he attended the September 11 Commission hearings. Following much finger-pointing and shouting ("Talk about the radios!"), he was dragged out of the hearing by security personnel. Even better, his girlfriend, the hilarious Jessy Delfino of recent WYSIWYG fame, was similarly ejected from the hearing. It seems that Delfino was innocently sitting next to Brodeur when the security guards decided to remove her. Following this incident both Brodeur and Delfino were chastised in the comments of Delfino's blog, and Brodeur subsequently posted his extended criticisms of the Giuliani administration on Delfino's blog.

As if that attention wasn't enough, Brodeur was Gawked not once, but twice! First, Gawker posted a tipster's email regarding the recent deserters of NY Press, including one "Matthew X. Brodeur". Then yesterday, Gawker posted a correction penned by the NY Press editor, Jeff Koyen. Koyen clarified that Brodeur's first name is Christopher and added that Brodeur is still on the NY Press staff in the position of "a beloved retarded child who scribbles real funny."

To sum up,in the past week Christopher X. Brodeur has garnered the attention of Mayor Giulianai, the September 11th commission, the September 11th commission's security guards, most major news sources, Jessy Delfino, Jessy Delfino's angry commenters, and Gawker, all while maintaining his odd facial hair. I think it is without question that Christopher X. Brodeur is having the Best Week Ever. Live it up, kid!

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