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Friday, May 14, 2004

Days of our Blogs 

Jason Calacanis today made his first public plea to employ one of the Denton Pod People. Granted he's going after Elizabeth Spiers, who has already left the Gawker Media Empire, but still it is interesting to see the process out in the open. Take a look [Emphasis mine]:
Spiers retiring from blogging makes me feel like the times when Jordan retired from the NBA. :-(

Hey kid, can you just give us a couple of riffs on Graydon for old time's sake?!

PS - The door is always open if you ever want to get back on the court. Same deal, you own half the brand and I'll make sure you can pay the rent. You're too damn talented to not be in this game.

PS2 - I was going to compare you to the Man of Steel giving up all his powers in Superman 2. The world needs you!
I have an idea for Jason. I think he should call up the Lakers and have them display "Lizzie Spears, Play on My Team!" on the scoreboard during halftime tomorrow night. Then the Phil Jackson can put her back in the major leagues where she can scale tall buildings with a single bound and make a killer fadeaway jumper if the kryptonite Lex Luther is wielding doesn't take her down first... Or something like that.

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