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Monday, May 10, 2004

Fun with Similes 

Jane Fonda recently reentered the business of movie-making by starring in an upcoming film with Jennifer Lopez called Monster-In-Law. Jane Fonda explained that acting is a lot like sex because "How to do it just comes right back." Now, most people would probably describe that feeling of remembering how to do something years later as being like bicycle-riding, but images of bikes (especially stationary ones) give Ms. Fonda bad flashbacks from her aerobics days.

Additionally, is Jane Fonda conceding that she stopped having sex long enough that she could feasibly forget how to do it? The woman portrays herself as a pariah: she insists that John Kerry did not know her in the 70s because she realizes that knowing her would be a liability to his campaign and at the same time concedes that no one will have sex with her. Good lord, Jane, have some confidence in yourself! You're an 80s hottie and everyone knows everything 80s is hot now, so stop being a martyr and start working those leggings!

Fonda: Movie Making Is a Lot Like Sex [AP]

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