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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

NYC Bloggers Recap, Part III 

Finally, the good part: Blogger Drinks at Merc Bar!

This was my first foray into the world that is blogger interaction so it was quite interesting to see the species in their natural habitat, a bar. Luckily I snuck over to the bar before Gothamist and their entourage arrived, thus I was one beer ahead of everyone. Towards the end of the night this was not helpful, but at the beginning it put me at a distinct advantage. Here are some of the highlights:

Nichelle of Nichelle Newsletter also sidled up to the bar early. As we were two of the four females at the bar (Come on women, start blogging!), we watched each others back (and bags) for most of the night.

Here is the superdish of the night: I know who NewYorkish is. She's a 5'11" Austrian woman named Anna who has long blond hair and big muscular arms. She could easily snap me like a twig. It seems New Yorkish is an alter ego for her because her English was quite broken, as she mostly answered questions with "Bitte?" and "Entschuldigung." Her shoe size is 11 and she prefers vodka rocks to cosmopolitans. I have so much to learn from her.

When I introduced myself to Choire Sicha as a blogger he has heard of, he did the "Hey, how are you!" that really means "Who the fuck are you? You really think I know every lowly fucking blogger on the planet. I am Choire Sicha. I am very busy rejecting trips to the Rockies. HELLO!" Well, Mr. Sicha, before you write Standard Deviance off as another self-centered mini-blogger who assumes everyone reads her site I will remind you that you emailed me twice, emails dated March 9 and March 12 with subject lines [Blank] and Re:[Blank] respectively. So don't act like you don't know me, Heather Locklear, because you do. SNAP!

Other bloggers I managed to meet: Nick Denton, Jake Dobkin, Andrew Krucoff [of The Other Page and the infamous Gothamist Interview], the Dodgeball guy [I think Dennis Crowley, but not sure], Felix Salmon, Wacky Neighbor, and last but certainly not least, Anonymous Outsider.

I also met a PR guy who can hook me up with my very own trip to the Rockies, as long as I sell my soul to the Devil. Free stuff? Who cares about hell, Standard Deviance is on board! Also there were some New York Times writers hanging about, they claim for social reasons. Does anyone believe that real journalists would hang out with bloggers of their own accord? Doubtful.

The night was ended with everyone agreeing that they would have coffee/drinks/dinner/lunch/brunch some time soon, to the point that I am having tapas with the bartender next Tuesday. All in all it was a fab night. A good dose of Blogcest all around. That concludes my NYC Bloggers Recap. I hope you all enjoyed it.

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