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Friday, May 07, 2004

The Real World is Rough 

While it's quite well known that Dan from Real World Miami is himself a blogger, it turns out he is also a movie-theatre-porn-masturbator. While I was about to rip Dan apart myself, he beat me to the task:
TRUE OR FALSE: I like watching porn with guys with nice butts.

(True true true. Straight guys: insert "girls with big boobs" here, and it's the same thing for you.)

TRUE OR FALSE: There were guys with nice butts in the movie.


TRUE OR FALSE: I was charged with jackin' off in a porno theater, by an undercover vice-squad cop.

TRUE OR FALSE: A female friend just called me and said "Damn, I thought waking up naked with a sombrero on my head and cocaine on my face was bad. But you win. You had the best Cinco de Mayo ever."

TRUE OR FALSE: All my male friends have laughed out loud when I told them.


TRUE OR FALSE: In an effort to show support, all my male friends have let me know that they jack off to porn too.

(True. Thanks, guys.)

TRUE OR FALSE: I'll never be naughty again.

So props to you, Dan, for embracing your bad bad ways. And hey, this is definitely better than if you was getting freaky wit a girl and then, woo woo, turns out she's a $10 hooker and then the cops are all up in your grillpiece. Way better than that.

Real World Housemate Pulls A "Pee-wee" [TSG]

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