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Friday, May 28, 2004

Washingtonienne Poll 

The good people at PR Week emailed me about a poll they're hosting on Washingtonienne. Here it is:
PRWeek Opinion Poll

Book agents and Playboy are allegedly making offers to Jessica Cutler - aka Washingtonienne. Your thoughts?

1. Good for her. Any publicity is good publicity.
2. What - dear sir - is wrong with our world?
3. There are too many desperate media outlets.
4. I give it a week before we forget her name.
5. Who is Washingtonienne?
It's a nice little poll. But I think they forgot some answers, so here are my additions:
6. Good lord, that's a cumbersome name. Wash-ing-ton-i-enne. Quite a mouthful (no pun intended). Why not Dicktrick of Columbia?
7. I've slept with several City Councilmen. Can I get a book deal? No?!? Great, all I got out of that was a police parking placard and the clap.
8. Hey, honey, if either of those fall through I'll give you $1000 to be my girl. Just call up the Clinton Center in Harlem, okay?
Anyway, you can go vote in the real poll if you like.

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