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Tuesday, June 08, 2004


So it appears Gawker Media may have actually found a way to bring in some decent cash: special advertising sections. Gawker has launched a blog for Nike entitled "The Art of Speed" which follows short films Nike had commissioned to depict speed. The blog is written by the fabulous Remy Stern of New Yorkish (which sadly means, for the next month or so, us New Yorkish addicts will have to go elsewhere for our comedy fix). Standard Deviance can't quite chime in just yet on the blog content as I am still having internet problems and thus attempting to view streaming video might make my computer shake wildly and explode, but I can spout off on the idea of a special advertising section.

When I read magazines I generally skip past the pages listed as "Special Advertising Section" usually while grumbling "Do they think I'm an idiot, I know that's not really part of the magazine, they just want me to buy Crest Whitestrips or whatever..." However, it seems this blog is somewhat different. First off, I am never really sure who's writing those special advertising sections in the magazines. I've always assumed that the advertiser wrote the content, not the magazine. With the Art of Speed it is clearly labeled that while Nike and Gawker teamed up together for the content, Remy is the writer. Since Gawker Media and Remy have built up reputations for quality work and independence from advertisers, I don't have to worry about being conned. Secondly, this advertising section doesn't seem to be trying to sell me a particular product. Generally when I see special advertising sections in InStyle magazine, the section is trying to convince me that several studies, one board certified dermatologist, and InStyle all agree that Oxy 10 is the best way to get rid of my zits and I should go buy it right away. This blog, while it is selling the idea of speed and Nike's dedication to speed, isn't trying to stuff a new pair of running sneakers down my throat. Thus, as of yet, the special advertising section hasn't alienated me, and since I am a fan of Gawker and Remy, I would be inclined to read it. What more could an advertiser wish for?

Many other responses to Art of Speed have also been positive:
Susan Mernit
New York Times
PR Week [via The Blog Herald]

Stay tuned for part two: Is this blog any good?

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