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Monday, June 14, 2004

Important News Update 

Radio Netherlands has looked at the recent poor turnout at the European Parliament elections and has given its sharp insight on the issue. Take a look:

First, the record low turnout of fewer than 45 percent shows that most voters have yet to warm to the European enterprise. Secondly, the sweeping gains for euro-skeptical or downright anti-European parties indicate that public confidence is going down rather than up. And finally, the dramatic losses for German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder, his British counterpart Tony Blair, and - to a somewhat lesser extent - French President Jacques Chirac should be seen as electoral punishment for their respective domestic policies.

So let's us get this straight: When people don't vote that means they're not interested, when parties win elections it means their ideas are more popular to the public, and when other people lose elections it means the public doesn't like them. Amazing! What's more, the intriguing infographic above shows us that being skeptical and voting are inversely related. Not only that, but apparently when this skeptic/voter phenomenon happens it crosses out the EU flag and bathes the world in the red glow of devilish voter apathy. Fascinating! Make sure you stay tuned to Radio Netherlands for all the breaking EU coverage.

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