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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Saddam Tranfer Complete 

The US has turned Saddam Hussein over to the Iraqi government, who will try him for human rights abuses. Due to the lack of appropriate facilities run by the Iraqis, Hussein will be held in an American jail, guarded by American soldiers. This reminds me of something...

Flashback! Dulledo Dulledo Dulledo
The music of Taylor Dayne fills the room. Throngs of children run about wearing birthday hats and blowing kazoos. An interesting interaction occurs between a small blond child named Casey and a young Standard Deviance.

SD: Casey, thanks for the doll you gave me for my birthday. She's really pretty.
Casey: I'm leaving now. Give me the doll.
SD: Why, you gave her to me for my birthday?!? Indian Giver!! (Ed note: sorry, we weren't PC in the 80s)
Casey: You don't have any of the right stuff. You need to get her dresses and have a bed for her, all that kind of stuff.
SD: But she's mine!
Casey: I'll give her back once you get a bed for her and everything.

SD cries and drops her crown in her birthday cake.
Dulledo Dulledo Dulledo Dulledo

I never did get that doll back. Damn Indian giver (Ed note: sorry, I'm still not PC).

Iraqis Given Legal Custody of Saddam [AP]

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