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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Save Standard Deviance!!! 

That's it people. I'm going to the blogosphere for help. It has now been eight, that's right, EIGHT days since my computer cable died and the tracking people at USPS have no clue where my new cable is. So now I'm turning to you. You love me, don't you? Life is hard without your daily dose of the SD, isn't it? So do something about it! If you have a power supply for any of the following Dell Laptops, you can make a difference in the worldwideinterblogospherenet:
INSPIRON 2500 2600 3700 3800 4000 4100 5000 5000e 7500 8000 8100

I have an Inspiron 8100, thus a cable to that laptop would be preferred. If you have a cable sitting around, if your cousin has one, if you there's some guy your friend's hooking up with who has one and you live in New York City, please loan it to me. I will be eternally grateful. And I'll link to you!

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