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Friday, June 18, 2004

Technology in the News 

There's a great article today in the New York Times about this new crazy thing people are doing to buy sports and theatre tickets: Going Online. It seems there are several places online with humorous names like StubHub and eBay where you can buy tickets. StubHub is particularly interesting in that it's not online ticket service, it's a place where people with tickets can sell to other people who want tickets. So it appears you can actually buy and sell things online. Fascinating. The writer of this story managed to procure Yankee tickets from this StubHub place for face value just days before the game, thus good deals can be found in these online venues. We really must try this soon.

Also, the weblogs.com scandal has hit the mainstream media. Dave Winer disconnected all of the weblogs.com blogs this week because it was too difficult to keep them running, and the disconnected bloggers were not happy. Yet another story about those crazy crazy bloggers. These online journal keepers seemed to be positively livid that their little diaries were taken offline. We can't understand why given that blogging is really a sad pathetic activity anyway. It must be draining for poor Dave Winer to deal with such crazed fanatics on a daily basis.

That Invisible Hand Guides the Game of Ticket Hunting [NYT]
Blogger Criticized for Pulling Service [AP]

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