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Friday, July 02, 2004

Media Screws up Blog Coverage 

There were several blog stories out there in the media today, and each and every one of them has amusing errors. ClickZ news had a report on Gawker today with the headline "Rumor: Gawker to Bow Travel, Gaming Blogs". ClickZ news cited Steve Rubel as the source of the inside information saying "Denton's plan was initially reported by public relations exec Steve Rubel in his own blog, Micropersuasion." Hmm. While we haven't heard anything about the shocking news that Nick Denton is going to complete the trifecta of porn, gadgets, and video games with a video game blog, we do recall hearing about this travel blog some time ago, certainly before Rubel "initially" posted the information yesterday. Hmm. Where could it be?
As seen on NickDenton.org November 19, 2003:

I'm scouting for editorial talent. Particularly people who can write wittily about travel and furniture. If you have a blog on either subject, or know of a good writer, email me.
Thanks ClickZ for breaking that story.

Additionally CBS Marketwatch had a story on blogging, the cottage industry. Obviously their fact/spell checker was on vacation this week:
Software makers are tapping into the growth, including Google, which is set to go public later this year. The search giant bought Eblogger two years ago. Other popular blog software makers include Livejournal.com and Moveabletype.com.
Google bought Blogger two years ago, not eblogger and it's spelled MovableType.org not MoveableType.com. Again, we hate to burst the eager journalists bubble, but perhaps Marketwatch should research their topic before publishing an article. Just an idea.

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